Honeybees in a backyard hive

Fast, Ready to Go Beehive Boxes For Your Backyard

It’s daunting to think about starting your own beehive. If you’re all new to this – where on earth do you start?

It’s true that beekeeping can be complex, and professional beekeepers have extensive knowledge and tricks of the trade up their sleeves.

But what if you’re not aiming to be a full time beekeeper, but just want something relatively simple, low cost and ideally, easy to set up and “set and forget” for the most part?

We are truly lucky now because there are some fantastic ready to go products that make installing a beehive fast and simple. One of the best options is the “bee castle” style hive. There are several kits of this type available, with one branded the Bee Castle. These castle hives are basically an all you need starter kit to get your new hive up and running without fuss. They contain anywhere from 8 to 30 frames depending on the design and some come with a queen excluder; something that’s easy to overlook as a beginner but something that is vital for success if your aim is to produce honey.

And they’re affordable: under $200 for a top quality hive that will last you as long as you need it. Other kits that are more advanced and with a higher price tag will suit those with more advanced needs. This guide will cover all options, with extensive research being undertaken into discovering the pros, cons, complaints, praises, benefits, disadvantages, successes, and failures of the hundreds or thousands of people who have purchased and used these products.

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